Next Level Gaming Immersion

Next Level Gaming Immersion

GAMELYTE captures events and values in realtime from your favourite games and syncs it with hardware to create a complete new immersive experience.


Works with your games

We support a board range of games that can be connected to GAMELYTE. Still missing support for a game? No worries: we provide you with a DIY guide to add it yourself.


Super Easy Setup

Getting started couldn't be easier. Install our software on your PC, connect our GAMELYTE Hardware (or even your own) via USB and you are ready to get the full experience.


Highly Customizable

You can pick for each supported game the values and events you want to show on the hardware. Of course you can also customise colors and intensities.

GAMELYTE goes Kickstarter

The initial feedback on the first GAMELYTE prototypes was overwhelming. Hundreds of people asked to have this for their own gaming area. We always hoped to make it available for everyone - and now we are doing exactly that.
And you can be part of that journey.

There are hundreds of games that will be supported by GAMELYTE.

API Enabled Digital Platform

We are developing our GAMELYTE Platform with an open API approach. This means that you can build your own custom hardware based on the real time gaming values we provide via the platform through APIs.

We also want to enable everyone to add game support themselves to the platform. We will provide a detailed guide on how to do that.

Build your own hardware

We provide high quality hardware for you. Plug and Play ready. But one of our goals is also to enable every person to build their own creative hardware (e.g. via Raspberry Pi or Arduino).

We provide the API and a bunch of How-To guides. The rest is up to your creativity.